Black Widow Spider Control Tips

Black Widow Control Methods/Tips

  • Areas that are conductive to spider activity e.g., dark protected areas that attract insect prey, should be identified.
  • Clutter and debris inside structures and scrap lumber, woodpiles, rocks, and other protective outside materials should be removed.
  • A vacuum cleaner should be used in order to remove spiders, webs. And eggs sacs; the bug should then be sealed immediately and discarded.
  • Outside lighting that attracts insects to the structure should be changed.
  • Pesticides can be applied as residual sprays or dusts with special emphasis on application into potential or known harborage areas.
  • Non residual aerosols, mists, and ULV’s that contain a pyrethroid insecticide can be used to kill exposed spiders.
  • Dusting spider webs and leaving them undisturbed for several days is also a strategy.
  • Pesticides are the most effective way of killing the spiders’ food, insects, rather than killing the spiders.

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