Top 10 ways to stay pest free

1.  Do not stack or store items near or against the house.

2.  Make sure potential entryways are closed up, such as screens on soffit vents. Repair rotted wood on fascia boards and replace weather-stripping around doors.

3.  Get your home inspected for termites. Most companies, including us, will do so at no charge.

4.  Check the caulking and seals around windows. Both moisture and insects can get inside.

5.  When you bring home groceries, stop and check bags and boxes for insects.

6.  Be aware.  When you move anything into your house, such as boxes or furniture, they may contain insects or even rodents.  This also applies to items you may have had in storage.

7.  Preventative care is less expensive, and often requires fewer materials, rather than waiting until you have an insect problem.

8.  Check your property and, if possible, your neighbors as well for standing water.  This is a great breeding ground for mosquitoes.

9.  Close your overhead garage door when not in use.  Many people leave this door open for hours at a time.  You wouldn’t leave your front door open that long.

10. Keep my number handy whether you are a customer or not.  Don’t guess what insect is in your house. When you find one, call me for proper identification at 954-753-1222.


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