South Florida Termite Control Company

It’s termite season in South Florida, and the wood-destroying pests can cause big problems for local homeowners. South Florida is home to three primary species; the subterranean, Formosan and drywood termite.

Here are some tips:

What should homeowners do if they have a swarm in their home?

• Use a vacuum to remove the winged termites fluttering or crawling around the home. They are not likely to survive and pose little or no threat to your home.

• Save some of the captured swarmers in a re-sealable plastic lunch bag for a professional to identify them.

• Attempt to mark the point where the swarm emerged from their colony.

What can homeowners do to help keep termites out?

• Clean and repair gutters, and ensure downspouts direct moisture away from the home.

• Fix all plumbing leaks. Whether a leaky sink or dripping spigot, these small water problems can be enough to support a termite colony.

• Prevent mulch from piling up against the home’s exterior. Mulch beds are generally areas of high moisture, and some organic mulch can serve as a primary food source for termite colonies.

• Maintain adequate ventilation in crawl spaces.

• Move all firewood or wood debris away from the foundation of the home and store it off the ground.

South Florida Termite Control Company

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