5 ways to help out in the oil spill

  1. Volunteer your time — Many organizations are recruiting volunteers, including The Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Greater New Orleans Foundation. The Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LBB) offers a few ways to volunteer and the Environmental Protection Agency has created DeepwaterHorizonResponse.com, which includes hotlines to volunteer opportunities.
  2. Adopt a bird — The International Bird Rescue Resource Center (IBRRC) has an ongoing adopt-a-bird program where you can help ducklings, egrets, and pelicans that have been effected by this oil spill and other disasters (see image below).  Gulf-Oiled-Pelican-Before-After-Cleaning by IBRRC.Perhaps due to legal requirements, sometime in the past few days the IBRRC changed their donation page to note that “BP has committed to paying for the clean-up and wildlife rescue efforts in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. While your donations cannot be used to fund bird rescue operations in this spill, IBRRC welcomes support for its ongoing programs to rescue and rehabilitate aquatic birds by donatingbecoming a member or adopting a bird.”  In any case, the IBRRC appears to be on a mission worthy of your support.
  3. Get a haircut — A unique way to support the oil spill cleanup effort is to get a trim at a barbershop or salon that sends off your clipped hair to be used in those oil containment booms we’ve seen all over the news. The non-profit Matter of Trust provides further information and the following video offers a little insight into this unique way to help:  
  4. Make noise — Although you can submit suggestions on stopping the oil spill and/or limiting the damage to the Deepwater Horizon Response site (apparently BP’s suggestion box has been overflowing for some time now), you should also be sharing your thoughts with both your locally and nationally elected representatives. If you think the government response has been lacking, if you want better oversight of offshore drilling, or if you’re tired of multi-national corporations polluting our oceans (all of the above?), make yourself heard.  Review our Contact Your Government article from last year, which provides an easy way to get in touch with your mayorgovernorcongresspersonsenator and president in a matter of minutes.
  5. Stay informed — Several sites keep you up-to-date on the oil spill, but some of my favorites include the LBB’s Oil Spill Crisis Map, the National Wildlife Federation, NOAA, and the sad but true Consolidated Fish and Wildlife Collection Report from IBRRC.  Most news outlets will give you top-level information on BP’s response, but these sites will give you more detailed information that shows the true breadth and impact of the disaster.

Via : http://www.nationalhustle.org/2010/06/5-ways-help-deepwater-horizon-oil-spill-cleanup-effort/


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