Aerial spraying for mosquitoes to start on Thursday

The Palm Beach County Division of Mosquito Control will conduct aerial spraying for mosquitoes in the western communities starting at sundown on Thursday.

Mosquito control will cover approximately 215,000 acres of populated areas west of Military Trail from Jupiter to Boca Raton including the Glades communities where the mosquitoes are most prevalent.

“Indications from the [Palm Beach County Health Department] and sentinel chicken program show signs of possible disease being carried by some of the bugs in the Belle Glade area and spraying is a preventative and precautionary measure we are taking,” said Gary Goode, environmental analyst for the division. “At any time during the year we can put a paper cup in Belle Glade and it will fill with mosquitoes.”

Traps are set around the county to determine how bad the mosquito population is, Goode said.

The aerial spraying from a Huey helicopter is necessary to control the mosquito population that generally increases with the rains. Residents are asked to drain or reduce standing water to help in control efforts and are encouraged to use insect repellent containing DEET and wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts when outdoors after dark.

For questions, contact the Aerial Spray Hotline at 561-642-8775.


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