Frustrated parents can’t contact company behind recalled formula

Frustrated parents can’t contact company behind recalled formula

LEE COUNTY: A Southwest Florida mom claims the formula she fed her son gave him a rash. That formula has been recalled because bug parts were found inside! Now, she says she can’t get a hold of the company.

Kelly Davis keeps a close eye on her two young sons – and what they eat.

“We don’t eat bugs for a reason and I don’t want to serve it to my little baby,” she said.

That’s why Davis immediately stopped feeding her 10-month-old son Cody his regular Similac formula after she heard reports that it may contain small beetles or larvae.

“We have $150 worth of formula sitting at our house right now that we can’t use,” said Davis.

The maker of the formula, Abbot Nutrition, says contaminated formula could cause stomach aches and digestion problems.

And Davis says her son may have had another symptom as well.

“When he woke up this morning, it was just giant hives everywhere and the doctor said there wasn’t any explanation except potentially the formula that was recalled,” she said.

Davis says she has also had a hard time getting an explanation about a refund online or by phone.

“I called last night probably a hundred times only to get a busy signal every time,” she said.

While some parents can’t get through by phone or online, Similac says they can return the formula to stores where they were bought.

Their vice president released a statement Thursday saying the company is taking action so parents know their products meet the highest quality standards.

They go on to say they regret any inconvenience this has caused to parents and consumers.

Meantime, Abbot expects to lose $100-million in connection with the recall. Davis says that’s a small price to pay for the safety of her child, and millions of others.

“We’ll be trying something different today and hope it all works out for him,” she said.

We’ve been trying to call the hotline and log onto the website to look for the recalled formula, but the lines have been busy and the website seems to have crashed.

Because a lot of parents haven’t been able to get on the website for the past 24 hours, or reach anyone on the hotline, you can click here to find the list of recalled formula.

By Danielle Rotolo

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