Man accused of purchasing 500 illegal exotic roaches online – Ft Lauderdale Cockroach Control

Man accused of purchasing 500 illegal exotic roaches online

By Barbara Hijek January 31, 2011 05:47 AM

Florida is the cockroach capital of the world, so why would we need more?

Apparently there is a need.

The online purchase of 500 illegal exotic roaches, coveted as gourmet reptile food because of their soft shells and high protein content, sent an Orlando man to jail on felony charges, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Agents with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said Derek Alan Rader forged a permit to make it appear as though he could legally purchase the creepy crawlers, known as Blaptica dubia, a native of South and Central America.

While the roaches are a tasty and nutritious treat for many reptile pets, state entomologists consider them an invasive insect in Florida.


Entomologists said the state already has the largest number of roach species in the United States, and one-third of them were introduced into the state by humans.

The banned bugs, also called the Guyana Orange Spotted Cockroach, is a species “capable of causing harm to Florida’s delicate ecological system,” said Greg Hodges, bureau chief of entomology at the state’s Division of Plant Industry.

Officials on Wednesday detained Rader on an arrest warrant and booked him into the Orange County Jail.

He is charged with forgery of a public record certificate, fraud and introduction of pests affecting plant life.

He left jail after paying $2,500 bail.

Court records show Rader in October contacted an insect and reptile enthusiast in California by e-mail, requesting 500 of the banned insects.

The person agreed to sell the insects but waited until Rader forwarded a copy of his permit.

Rader sent the seller a receipt for the payment and a copy of his permit, which showed he was allowed to purchase the insects.

The seller tried to confirm the accuracy of the permit with state officials in Florida but sent the insects before getting a response.

The seller mailed the bugs to Rader at a post office box in Orlando.

Investigators said Rader altered his expired permit to show he could buy the banned bugs in Florida.

An online search of insect vendors shows 500 roaches sell for about $100.

It is unclear why Rader purchased the bugs. However, when detectives rummaged through his garbage looking for evidence, they found 1,500 fliers showing he ran a website named

That website is no longer active.

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3 Responses to “Man accused of purchasing 500 illegal exotic roaches online – Ft Lauderdale Cockroach Control”

  1. Man accused of purchasing 500 illegal exotic roaches online – Ft … | Roach control by Bulwark Exterminating Says:

    […] rest is here: Man accused of purchasing 500 illegal exotic roaches online – Ft … Tags: bulwark pest control, hoffer, illegal-exotic, lauderdale, purchasing-500, roaches, termite […]

  2. Jerry A.C.E. Says:

    I get solicitations quite often for being a broker of sorts for roaches and beetles–mainly from South Africa. Apparently there is $$ in it but I can’t imagine it’s worth the risk.

  3. Glenn Gordon Says:

    This is a joke. I was in the AAZPA for around 4 years and can tell you this roach would do no harm except feed some endangered birds ETC. Florida needs to look at the 20′ snakes we already have a breeding population of and the 10′ lizards. We also have dinner plate size spiders well established. I’m sure this guy was just buying food for his lizards or what ever liked to eat roaches. Florida has more exotic roaches than native and they all add to the food chain of rarer native animals. DACS get a life! GG

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